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Written by Billy Cox

When you think of ballet you don’t tend to think of football. This was the gift that kept giving and he went by the name of Zinedine Zidane.

France have one man to thank for winning them the biggest trophy in world football, the World Cup.

Despite his only goals coming in the final, Zizou saved his most influential performance of the tournament for when it mattered most.

It was the Frenchman's individual display in Paris against a talented Brazil team, led by none other than R9. That crowned Les Bleus champions of the world, that was all made possible by Zinedine dragging his team mates to a permanent place in football history.

The man from Marseille was the closest thing to poetry in sport, let alone football that you will ever find.

To be able to stand out in a Galacticos team consisting of such names as, Beckham, Carlos, Figo and Ronaldo, says everything about the stature and ability of first and foremost the man but also the athlete.

Who can forget the most iconic goal in champions league history courtesy of the Frenchman's left foot. After Roberto Carlos looped a hopeful ball high into the Glasgow skyline, Zizou exemplified concentration and tunnel vision, if you will, as he patiently but eagerly awaited the forever dropping ball, to proceed to hit it first-time past the helpless Butt, on his supposed weaker foot.

The man from La Castellane finished his playing career with 13 trophies, which to some would appear sufficient to say the least. However to those that had the pleasure of watching him, this number simply doesn't justify or express how he deserved so much more.

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