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Written by Ricky Carroll

Warren is a problem for any opposition. He's big, strong and quick. He is a nightmare for any defender because he's got everything. Warren is comfortable dropping in and receiving the ball deep. He's lightning quick. He can receive the ball deep and lay it off - then use his pace and spin his marker and run in behind. Warren has proven himself in Saturday football with his exemplary goal scoring record. He is currently playing for Sheppey United - in tandem with Billy Bennett, they are causing havoc in the SCEFL, where Warren has 20 goals in 20 games at the time of writing. Warren is also playing for Barnet Sunday League and London Cup finalists Trabzonspor UK. He has been a revelation for them this season - with his pace and direct running proving unstoppable for many oppositions. At the time of writing, Warren has 18 goals in 11 games for Trabz this season. He has tormented many talented teams with his electric pace and killer instinct. He has scored massive goals for Trabz this season, including the last gasp winner against Hatcham in the London Cup and the winner against Baiteze in the London Cup semi-final. The way he backs into his markers and spins them is a joy to watch. Warren is a natural goal scorer enjoying phenomenal seasons in Saturday and Sunday football. He is involved in a tense title race with Sheppey on a Saturday - and is on the verge of a London Cup Final with Trabzonspor while still having the opportunity to win the Barnet Sunday League. Many Sunday League enthusiasts are saying - Warren Hughes Mfula is the best striker in Sunday League football. On his current form, this season - it's hard to argue otherwise.


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