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Written by Ricky Carroll

Ryan Hervel is the midfield lynchpin for Trabzonspor UK and New Salamis! His experience has shone through this season and helped New Salamis to promotion and helped Trabzonspor reach the London cup final - and still have a chance of winning the Barnet Sunday league. One of Ryans' biggest strengths is his ball retention. He keeps the ball ticking over and always seems to pick the right option. Every manager needs a midfield player who is good at recycling the ball, and Ryan is that player for Trabz. Ryans' passing ability is another of his strengths - he's very good at breaking lines with his passes. He is that player that does everything well. He can play the 5 yard passes effectively and keep the play ticking - or he can play that attacking forward ball to damage the opposition. Ryan is superb at timing his tackles and is vital in breaking up the opposition attacks with his midfield partner in crime, Mus! His positional sense from a defensive standpoint is exceptional. He never dives in and leaves the back four exposed. He's constantly scanning to watch opposition players who might pick up little pockets of space. His discipline in front of the back four gives them vital protection. When you're a defender, you always want a deep-lying midfielder like Ryan, who always wants the ball and makes himself available. Ryan's consistent performances have shone through for both Trabz and New Salamis. For Trabz, he has appeared 16 times this season and was an integral part of the team's run to the London cup final. He has appeared 45 times this season for New Salamis, scoring seven goals. Ryan's leadership qualities were instrumental - as he captained New Salamis to win the Spartan South Midlands Football League.


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