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Written by Ricky Carroll

Richard Akinlade is a goalscoring machine! He is direct and not afraid to shoot from anywhere. He is physically imposing and promises to give any defender nightmares for 90 minutes. At the time of writing, Richard has 37 goals in 25 games this season. Richard is very good with the ball at his feet. His movement is top class, and he is not afraid to pick up the ball on the turn and run at the opposition defence. If you give him any space - he will pull the trigger. If Richard does pull the trigger, his 37 goals this season prove - you're in trouble if you give him a sight of goal. He is always on the shoulder of the last man looking to run in behind. Any defender will tell you - they hate strikers who do that! Richard proved how deadly he was in a recent game against UTR when he met an intelligent cutback to put Jam 1-0 up. Richard has enjoyed many high points this season with his impressive performances. His link-up with Myles Dominque has proved to be a vital double act for Jam this season, with both players scoring bucket loads of goals. These two seem to be in tandem and always bring the best out of each other. In the recent cup final against UTR, Richard again showed what a man mountain he is, giving the UTR defence a tough 90 minutes, which saw him score and force an unbelievable save from John in the UTR goal after Richard unleashed a thunderbolt from 30 yards out. He is having a phenomenal season! Last season he scored 12 in 15 games - but this season, he has taken his performances onto another level and shown how vital he is to Jam.


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