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Written by Ricky Carroll

Jahmal Howlett-Mundle is an inspiration on and off the pitch. What a journey it's been for him over the last year. Jahmal has been a vital part of the Sheppey United success story. His football journey began as a scholar at Crystal Palace before playing professional football at Heart of Midlothian and Montrose FC. He has also played for several non-league clubs throughout England.

On the pitch, he has been a man mountain and hugely influential in helping Sheppey secure four trophies this season! He is comfortable with the ball at his feet in any area. Jahmal is relaxed when collecting the ball off his goalkeeper before fizzing a ball into his midfielders or spraying a ball out wide. His passing ability is exceptional. He always makes himself available and never looks flustered in possession. He is adept at running with the ball, which is vital for Sheppey - as Jahmal can transition them rapidly from defence to midfield.

Even under pressure, Jahmal is still calm and refuses to be flustered and still seems to pick the right option - whether that be clearing his lines or passing to a teammate. Jahmal is quick, and his anticipation is excellent, which means he often snuffs out any danger.

Jahmal has been a pillar of consistency for Sheppey, giving 100% every game - which has been a massive reason for them only conceding 25 league goals in 38 league games. Jamal's anticipation and reading of the game have stopped countless dangerous attacks that have been instrumental in Sheppey conceding so few goals. As mentioned, he is calm and assured on the ball - but if there's a chance of him winning the ball - Jahmal will relish a 50/50.

Many defenders winning a 50/50s will panic and clear the ball - but Jahmal has the foresight and ability to look up and can play a beautiful pass to a teammate.

Jahmal is an inspiration to the masses by coming out as bisexual in July 2021. He has described the love and support he received as "Overwhelming". Credit to Sheppey for cultivating an environment that allowed Jahmal to share this and still keep up his high level of performance. Everyone at UrFreshTVSport salutes you Jahmal. The world is a better place when one more person lives their truth!

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