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Written by Ricky Carroll

What a season it's been for Hatch Lane winning the treble! Hatch has so much ability in their squad. The midfield trio of Ash, Tarome and Kash have been sensational this season. Kirk McPherson, AKA Kash Money, has been the vital cog that has kept this Hatch wheel rolling to the treble. He's vitally important to the possession-based style Hatch play. Kash is great at breaking up opposition attacks. He's a defender's dream - always looking for the ball and making himself available. The midfield three of Kash, Tarome and Ash are the three amigos! They dictate games and are brilliant at ball retention. Many talented midfielders - have been made to look ordinary this season, chasing their shadows. Kash sits at the base of that midfield as the general marshalling in front of the back four. When you watch Kash play, and the ball becomes loose, he always seems to be the first one to that ball. He's effective at the base of that midfield which enables Ash and Tarome to impact the game further forward. As mentioned already, he's brilliant at patrolling in front of the back four. But another strength of his is his ball retention. In the London cup final, he was instrumental in getting the Hatch passing game going, feeding the ball into Tarome and Ash - allowing them to involve Jermaine and affect the game in the final third! His passing ability - is not spoken about enough. He can play the 5-yard passes - but he can clip balls in behind the fullbacks for players like Jermaine and Amaree to run riot! When Hatch played SE Dons in the London cup earlier this season - Kirk was brilliant. Zak Ansah is exceptional at dropping deep to link up with the SE Dons midfield, but every time Zak dropped deep, Kash was snapping at his heels, not giving him a moment's peace. It's been a phenomenal season from Hatch Lane, winning the treble! Kash has been a massive part of this fairytale season. He reads the game exceptionally well, he's combative, and his ability to keep the game ticking over is superb. Despite a treble-winning season, you get the feeling this is just the beginning- and Kash is irrefutably going to be an integral part of the future success of Hatch Lane!


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