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Written by Ricky Carroll


Soloman is a full backs nightmare. He's quick, direct and deadly in front of goal. He can stay out wide and beat a full back and whip in crosses - or he can drift inside into little pockets of space. Soloman is extremely quick on the turn and often leaves defenders for dust. He is also comfortable running in behind. He is a joy to watch. You can see how much he enjoys playing football. He's a bundle of energy on the pitch and doesn't stop running - making him a nightmare to mark for any opposition defenders.


Nodi is a menace for any opposition. He's a bag of tricks with lightning-quick feet. He's not afraid to shoot from any angle and reminds me of Hakim Ziyech - because he's not scared to try that difficult pass. He sees things that other players don't see. Not many players have troubled that watertight Hatcham defence this season - but Nodi gave Hatcham a torrid time when playing against them for Kumazi earlier this season, scoring two goals and troubling Hatcham for the whole game.


Baran has impressed this season for Trabzonspor. He has been influential in their run to the Final of the London cup. He is comfortable with the ball at his feet and possesses quick feet, which often get him out of tricky situations and launch telling attacks for Trabz. As proven against Baiteze - Baran is difficult to mark. He is not a conventional winger. He can stay wide and offer great width, but he's also comfortable moving infield and being extremely dangerous, as proven with his eight goals in 13 games this season. Baran has shown on countless occasions this season his brilliant understanding with Trabz bags-man Warren Hughes Mfula.


The term baller - is thrown around a lot - but in Jermaine's case - it's deserved. He has everything you want in a winger. He can take on full-backs on the inside or outside. Jermaine has bags of pace and even more skill. Jermaine is currently playing for Hashtag United on a Saturday - where he has hit the ground running, scoring goals and grabbing assists aplenty in his short time with the club. On a Sunday, Jermaine has been a massive part of the success story this season of Hatch Lane - and a vital component that has seen them reach the London Cup final and see them currently sit top of the Essex Corinthian League. You can't help but smile when you watch Jermaine - he's a joy to watch. He's skilful, direct and has an eye for goal, as proven with his six goals in 12 games for Hatch Lane this season. At 20 years old, you can't help but think there's so much more to come from this young star.


Hatcham have been impressive this season. The move to bring in Jamie Leggett and Andrew Dalhouse - in addition to overhauling the playing staff has proved a great move by Millsy. Tyler Cox has been a vital component for Hatcham this season. He has been consistently dangerous for them with his direct running and ability to stay wide or drift infield and pick up pockets of space - which make him difficult to mark. Tyler is fast becoming a winger that every full-back is dreading to face. Tyler has proven he has the end product in his arsenal of skills with six goals and four assists in 16 games for Hatcham - so far this season.

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