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Written by Ricky Carroll


Ash is a Rolls-Royce. Whenever you watch him play - he always seems to command space. His ball retention is exceptional. Ash shone in the impressive win for Hatch Lane against SE Dons. His close control and pinpoint accurate passing - caused SE Dons considerable trouble for the whole game. He is so difficult to contain. His passing ability means he finds Hatch dangermen, Jermaine and Ayrton, almost at will. His ball retention, as mentioned earlier - is one of the most prominent parts of his game. In the London Cup semi-final against SWAG, Hatch found it challenging to break down a well-drilled SWAG team. Having a player like Ash, who is adept at recycling possession - is vital in close games. It helps ensure you do not lose the ball and give away anything. Ash will surely be a vital player for Hatch in the upcoming London cup Final vs Trabzonspor UK.


As time goes on - K Runna becomes more vital to the continued success of SE Dons. He is equally adept at playing on the wing as he is in the number 10 role. K Runna is without a doubt at his most dangerous in the number 10 role. His low sense of gravity and quick feet mean he can take the ball into his feet and spin his markers with ease. He has to be one, if not the most fouled player in the OBDSFL. He currently has four goals and four assists in 16 games. It's a good return, but his stats don't do him justice. His ability to run with the ball makes him a vital component for SE Dons when -they are in transition. When you play SE Dons - you have to pay close attention to K Runna - one moment he's there - but if you switch off, he's gone!

3) jack baker - kitchener fc

Jack Baker is one of the most underrated players in Sunday league. Anyone that has watched Baker can attest to how good he is. He can play anywhere and will give you 100%. I have seen Baker player in Midfield. He can also do a vital job upfront, where many Kitch fans have seen him play. His desire, movement, passing and finishing ability mean he can play anywhere and be effective. Despite his ability to play in different positions - Baker is at his most dangerous in the number 10 role. His movement and intelligence on the ball make him the perfect number 10. He is often seen on a Sunday gliding past opponents or smashing into them in a 50/50 (often both). If you need a tackle won, a killer pass made - or a goal scored - Baker is there for the Kitch army!

4) steVEn carvell- baiteze SQUAD

You will struggle to find a more elegant number 10 than Steven Carvell. He never seems rushed on the ball - and he has a brilliant first touch. Carvell is a problem at set-pieces. Many Baiteze fans will be familiar with Carvell smashing a screamer past the opposition goalkeeper. He also supplied more than his fair share of chances for his teammates. Whether it's Bully Boy Sham or Teniola up-front - Carvell will pick them out with his pinpoint, accurate passing. Carvell has been a vital cog in the success of Baiteze reaching the final of the National Cup and is a weapon - for them in their title race with Hatch Lane to win the Essex Corinthian League.

5) anis nuur- hatcham FC

Anis is a straight-up baller! There's no other way to describe him. He links the play brilliantly - his movement is first class, and his intelligence on and off the ball makes him one of the most talented players in Sunday league football. Anis was recently deservedly called up to the Somalian national team. He is a player that is so good at escaping markers and finding little pockets of space where he can receive the ball and cause havoc for the opposition. Overall it's been an impressive year for Hatcham as a collective -and for Anis with his international call-up and standout performances for Hatcham. Also, not many people have the cojones to take a Panenka penalty against BIG G!


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