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Written by Ricky Carroll


Ade Cole is a player every manager wants in their team. He has an impressive engine which is vital in keeping the Baiteze attacks moving. His intelligence on the ball is his biggest asset. More often than not, he will pick the right pass. Ade is always looking to keep possession making him a vital component in Billy's possession-based tactics at Baiteze. He never stops demanding the ball - he wants to be involved in every move, and that kind of player is a manager's dream. Ade is comfortable receiving the ball even under pressure - he is capable of dropping a shoulder and running away with the ball, leaving the opposition floundering. He is a massive personality which makes him vital to the Baiteze squad. He is not afraid to speak up at any time and demand more from his teammates. These characteristics are what make him a leader on and off the pitch!


What can you say about Lefty? he is a Rolls-Royce type player. Lefty recycles the ball brilliantly and is often the starting point for most SE Dons attacks. His pass percentage is high, whether it be a 5-yard pass to keep the play ticking over or a defence splitting pass - lefty is your man. The most eye-catching part of his game is his ability under pressure. There are so many examples where he receives the ball under immense pressure - and he always seems to pick the right option, whether that be laying the ball off or turning and leaving the opposition for dead. Lefty is a baller! Every team needs a player like him!

3) ETHAN CLARKE- kitchener fc

Ethan is a massive part of the success of Kitch. He leads by example on the pitch and demands the best from his teammates - making him the perfect captain. Ethan is brilliant at reading the game. He always seems to be first to the ball. What impresses me most about Ethan is his decision making. You will very rarely see him overplay - and lose possession. He will make sure he's first to the ball - then play the right pass. You can tell by watching Ethan how much he loves playing for Kitch, and above any personal glory, he wants his team to win every game. Ethan is a terrier in midfield. He loves a 50/50 - his desire and tenacity mean he will often win tackles he should not be winning. One of his best attributes is his intelligence on and off the ball, allowing him to play any role in midfield. He is comfortable receiving the ball in tight spaces, and his decision making is so good - that you will very rarely see him lose possession. Ethan's ability at set-pieces is another vital weapon for Kitchener. If my memory serves me right - he has only missed one penalty in his Kitch career. Ethan's wand of a left foot makes him highly dangerous at free-kicks, as seen on countless occasions for Kitchener.


Siao has been almost ever present for Hatcham this season - playing in that central midfield with Charles Ofushene and Anis Nuur. These three have been a massive part of why Hatcham has been difficult to beat this season. Siao has shown why he is an integral player for Jamie Leggett and Andrew Dalhouse. He is comfortable receiving the ball under any circumstance. He is calm and collected on the ball - and never looks pressured. When he gets the ball, he is brilliant at switching the play out wide to Tyler Cox and Rodney. Getting the ball out wide to their quick players makes Blackwood a vital player in transition. When a team is transitioning from defence to attack - having a player like Siao is crucial because he's a strong passer, and his intelligence on the ball means he will often make the right choice for a pass.


Palmers are the OGs of YouTube Sunday league football. Blossy has been an integral part of Palmers for the past few seasons. But as time goes on, he seems to be becoming more vital. Blossy has been the lynchpin for Palmers this season, already doubling his appearances for last season. He is comfortable on the ball - and is always looking to make something happen. He is comfortable passing forward but is equally adept at taking players on. If you have seen Blossy play - you already know he has a wizard of a left foot. He is a set-piece specialist. Blossy is vital to Palmers because he's always looking to play forward and make things happen. After having a challenging spell at the end of 2021, Palmers has enjoyed a renaissance in 2022 - currently undefeated and looking to add more silverware. They are up to 3rd in the league, and Blossy has been integral to that success this season. He currently has ten goals and 12 assists in 11 games.


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